Mudslide Repair Notification

To all Squaw Creek Ditch Company (SCDC) Shareholders:

Unfortunately, Nature delivered the SCDC a mudslide this week that needs to be repaired as soon as possible given its extensive damage. The slide is located on the Ditch just above the West Dam. This area of the Ditch is extremely hard to get to. The slide completely filled the West ditch of debris that has since been cleared. As a result of the slide, the Squaw Creek Ditch bank in this area is nearly gone. Unless repaired, it is our fear that any additional stress on the remaining bank will result in a breach of the entire ditch. In order to complete the repair and to maintain the integrity of the entire ditch, we will need to shut off water to the ditch near the middle of this upcoming week (June 11-12). This will allow for repair of the site. The water will be off approximately a week.

We know this is an extremely bad time of year to be shutting off water – but we have little choice. We cannot control Nature nor can we let this repair wait. If you have any questions, please let us know by phone or email – 208-991-2649 or