Message from the President on Recent Increases

Below is a statement from Roy Moses, President of Squaw Creek Ditch, on the many reasons that contributed to increased assessments that impacted all shareholders this year.

  1. The company has struggled to deliver water in recent years. And the damages that has caused our shareholders.
  2. Many of the handshake deals the company has made in the past have been violated.
  3. The number of accounts the company deals with has doubled.
  4. Locked gates, fences, vehicles, dogs, trees, people etc.
  5. Threats, abuse, assault.
  6. It took the company board, ditch rider, trackhoe, police, attorney, area 65 water master, and others just to deliver water the past 2 years.
  7. We repaired an area in the ditch that has been held up by sandbags for the last 30 years.
  8. We need to fix many other areas to ensure the company can deliver water and reduce liability of flooding.
  9. The company needs personnel appropriately paid so the responsibility and burden doesn’t fall on the volunteer board.
  10. All shareholders should have access to their head gates to monitor, clean moss, to maintain, etc.
  11. The company needs unobstructed access to it’s easement to protect from flooding and fulfill it’s purpose of delivering water.

I hope this answers some of the questions and brings understanding and unity in our purpose of delivering water.

Roy Moses, President
Squaw Creek Ditch